The Company

Johannes Eisenbichler
Manager / Director
Elisabeth Eisenbichler
Managing Director
Andrea Lausecker
Management Assistant
Roy Nitzsche
Chief Technical Officer CTO
Authorized Officer
Christian Pahl
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Strive for the best every day

Our success is founded on motivated and committed employees and partnership-based customer relations. These are generally of long-standing character and involve a mutual exchange of experience.    
We are committed to making our customers successful, taking the viewpoint that this approach enables our customers and also ourselves to develop further and benefit accordingly.
Johannes Eisenbichler, the proprietor of Neutra Kunststoffbau GmbH, set up a small company with a main focus on tank construction in 1987. He was swift to see the entrepreneurial opportunities opened up shortly after by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disappearance of the Iron Curtain, and accordingly launched Neutra in 1990.

The early years were determined by establishing a corporate structure and gaining customers, primarily in the former East German states. The new company saw its first milestone in 1991 with production of a complete modern acid polishing unit for Arnstadt Kristall, Germany. This was followed in 1993 by delivery of a unit to Asfour Crystal of Egypt, Neutra's first piece of export business to a destination outside Europe. In the years that followed the company internationalised its sales activities, leading on to first orders from Asia. In the cyclical highs and lows of the times, Neutra proved to be a steady and reliable partner to its customers.    

In early 2000, Johannes Eisenbichler began restructuring the company with substantial investments in new products, manpower, machinery and infrastructure to secure its continued development.   

In the years since 2006, Neutra has come up with units for the surface treatment of high-tech products such as technical glass and specialty optics, and has also developed electroplating units, solar buffer storage tanks and components for biogas systems. 

Thanks to its long experience and continuous development work in glass surface treatment systems, the company is world market leader in its field today. All glass manufacturers in Germany work with Neutra alone in its particular areas of specialisation.    

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