Our customers define tasks and goals – we analyse existing production processes and devise new ways of fulfilling demanding requirements. Not only that; we also design, plan and build prototype installations for use in pilot projects, special trials and for demonstration purposes, all in various application areas.
We offer planning and design engineering services in areas ranging from flat glass dereflecting to electroplating and regarding special-purpose units for waste treatment plants and swimming pools. 

In our design engineering department, engineers and technicians with excellent qualifications in the fields of plant construction, glass processing and electroplating stand at the ready to provide you competent support. Plus we plan complete turnkey projects complete with the respective environmental technologies.
Benefit from over 20 years of experience!

Production safety and optimum quality play a crucial role for any manufacturing company, and largely depend on the quality of the maintenance work performed on the production machinery.

There are two sides to maintenance: on the one hand it frees up important corporate resources in the form of know-how, manpower and money; on the other it can lead to equipment failures and downtime if carried out faultily. So it is worthwhile to ponder whether your maintenance work can be optimised – and to consider Neutra as your partner for such tasks.  
As a matter of principle, each piece of technical equipment and every process requires a maintenance strategy of its own, and this is the approach we take. Plus we tailor our work to the case in hand, no matter whether maintenance, repairs, inspection work, overhauling or weak point analysis are concerned.
Our services include the scheduling of servicing tasks, complex on-site maintenance and spare part inventory management. Optimising maintenance work is a good way of preventing downtime.

- Technical maintenance of units in the glass-, beverage- und food industry
- Cleaning and technical maintenance for surge water tank, buffer tank, raw water tank and plastic tank of any kind

The Neutra Chemical Safety System provides the highest-possible degree of protection in operation of its units. A special chemical surveillance system incorporating Failure Mode and Effects Analysis prevents contact with chemicals and monitors complete process chains in chemicals delivery, storage, dispensing and use. This ensures safety for both operating personnel and the environment.
The floors used in glass and metal surface finishing operations have to live up to high demands, such as withstanding corrosive substances and heavy mechanical loads. Neutra flooring made up of knobbed PR tiles offers outstanding chemical-resistance for optimum protection. The tiles are laid into damp screed and then welded together professionally to prevent acidic fume and water ingress. Officially approved for use in chemical glass and metal surface finishing, the resulting heavy-duty floor covering offers UV-resistance and is also suitable for catchment of all kinds of liquids.

Improving quality and introducing innovations are a constant aspect of our work, leading to the fine-tuning of machinery and processes, whether our own or those of customers in line with their objectives and specifications. 
We have the respective experienced personnel and modern equipment – just name us your task.
controll after acid polishing
In cooperation with our partners we provide chemical surface treatment services such as acid polishing, delustering and satin-frosting, whether regarding samples, small batches or complete series.