Electroplating Technology

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Thanks to decades of experience and knowledge of the electroplating branch, Neutra is able to guarantee quality execution of all unit components, plus it offers electroplating units in differing sizes and types for professional customised solutions.
As a one-stop supplier, Neutra designs, manufactures, installs and commissions machinery ranging from prototypes through turnkey fully-automatic systems to units for the recycling of electroplating chemicals. All Neutra electroplating units are built out of thermoplastic materials such as PVC, PP, PE, PA, PVDF, Plexiglas, POM and Teflon.  

ARS System (Air Recovery System)
The Air Recovery System returns treated elec-troplating process air to the production hall, thus keeping warmth in the building for considerable savings in heating costs. The main ARS component is compact enough to be mounted at the edge of the electroplating tanks.

WRS System (Water Recovery System)
Water consumption in the individual rinsing cascades of electroplating units can be significantly reduced with the help of a dialysis system.
Existing installations can be retrofitted with the WRS system for interesting savings.

CRS System (Chemical Recovery System)
The Chemical Recovery System uses electro-dialysis technology to remove unwanted cations from galvanic and other process solutions.
The CRS system works without cation or anion exchanger membranes, making use of a special plastic membrane instead.

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