Environmental technology

We also concern ourselves with the efficient deployment of acidic exhaust air and wastewater treatment systems and ensure that the respective investments are worthwhile both for the customer and the environment.

The decision to install an exhaust air scrubbing and wastewater neutralization system is one with wide implications. We will plan, build and advise you on eco-friendly use of the resources involved and guarantee maximum efficiency in operation. As an experienced engineering office, we stand for far-sighted planning, stability as well as legal certainty and economic viability.

Exhaust air treatment

Neutra’s absorption systems have the task of scrubbing the harmful fumes that arise in the course of acidic glass treatment operations. Our units meet statutory requirements governing exhaust air emissions and ensure a cleaner environment, thus contributing to the future of us all.

Our absorption systems are designed according to the application concerned, also in cooperation with technical testing institutes and research facilities. Each absorption system is produced according to the individual application in question.

Wastewater neutralisation

Process-related acidic wastewater occurs in the surface treatment of glass and metal. To protect the environment and recover the chemicals used in the operations, we recommend our ultra-modern system for wastewater treatment. After the wastewater is neutralized through precipitation of the acidic components, it passes through our fully automatic vacuum filter drum for separation into solid and fluent fractions. The latter is returned to the operating cycle for reuse, and the filter cake resulting in this process can be recycled or disposed of in line with statutory requirements. Depending on specifications, we supply semi-automatic or fully-automatic systems incorporating an integrated control system.