As global market leader for acid polishing units, Neutra GmbH can look back on over 30 years of experience in the particular field. The acid polishing, etching and satin-frosting units we produce – always in line with technological advances – are in successful operation all over the world.


Acid polishing units give glass a brilliant, homogeneous surface and thanks to innovative technology are not only safe but also inexpensive to purchase. User-friendly in operation, they lead to best production results in a short time. Training operating personnel in the handling of the systems is something we provide ourselves. The state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components in our acid polishing units reduce maintenance and operating costs many times over.

Advantages over other glass polishing techniques:

  • More economical than mechanical polishing
  • Higher quality than in fire polishing
  • Less expensive than laser processing
  • Completely homogeneous and tempered surface


Our specially designed etching units can clean, chemically polish or temper glass by means of acid treatment, i.e. can increase the tensile strength of the glass. Small cracks or bumps in the surface can be smoothed out. The result is enhanced light transmission and an anti-reflective finish, whereby surface tension can also be reduced. An optical change in the glass surface is likewise possible with our special etching technology, as in the case of moulded surfaces such as curved lens or tubes.

Our technology also enables reproduction of the etching process on large glass surfaces/batches.


Setting new standards in acid frosting technology, this development by our company is based on a concept that can be specially tailored to our customers’ individual requirements. From the inexpensive semi-automatic basic version to fully automatic systems, all variants can be supplied. Set-ups such as linear installations or carousel systems are also possible.

Shorter acid frosting duration at consistent quality as well as lower energy use and reduced wastewater quantities all characterize Neutra’s technology. Our acid frosting systems are inexpensive to purchase and resource-efficient in use. Plus the frosting bath has a longer service life than in other systems and produces finer frosting effects.